With our turnkey service, our clients significantly reduced their packaging costs last year.


Custom Packaging

Our experience equips us to understand your needs. First and foremost, our objective is to offer you an optimal solution that respects your budget and your project’s needs and perimeters.

Matériaux Dupuis offers a wide selection of custom-made packaging products: pallets and crates in any dimension, built with softwood or hardwood, as well as blocks for transportation. All of our heat-treated wood products comply with government and international standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for exportation.

We have built our company on trust, not only within the dynamics of our own staff but with our suppliers as well, and this relationship is extended to our clients. Thus, we are able to handle a high volume of orders and projects without forfeiting quality.

For certain projects requiring in-depth expertise, we are open to collaborating with a reputable skilled subcontractor so we can respond to your needs with the utmost knowledge and expertise.

Wood Pallets

Wood Crates

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